Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Single IC Organ By IC NE556

Single IC Organ By IC NE556
When you will think to build Single IC Organ Circuit the some one. I begs for to advise this circuit , because use IC NE556 or LM556. Which within its structure is like have the integrated circuit IC 555 arrive at 2 together follow my circuit. Control by Keyboard contacts and SW1 Tremolo ON/OFF as a result can choose music pitch that can want.The detail about mini Organ Circuit the this. Can see in circuit picture sir.

ic ne556 pin configuration
ic ne556 datasheet

IC 555 LED Flasher

This is easy LED Flasher circuit. It use IC 555 drive LED display.

A younger brother of me just begin take an interest the electronics. Want to try build Simple LED Flasher Circuit. I then advise this circuit , because of use the integrated circuit timer highly popular type IC NE555 or LM555 very the circuit is Pulse Oscilator the frequency is low. From the circuit will think to use LED 2 pcs wink alternate. Detail , have no chicken many mites. Invite a friend sees in circuit picture better sir

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