Saturday, 25 October 2014

FM Transmitter

The circuit uses only single Transistor but good voice quality. This Circuit is very simple and uses few components. Main part of the circuit is LC  ( Coil Capacitor ) Tank circuit to produce RF at required Frequency band. A transistor is used to power the LC circuit. The resonant frequency for an LC tank circuit is f = 1/(2pi * sqrt(LC) )

At FM receiver Device, Radio waves(oscillating magnetic lines) produces current in Arial. Which is further amplified, Demodulated and feed to a Speaker.


FM Transmitter Project
 Image of FM Transmitter
Rain Alarm Circuit Diagram
Circuit Diagram of FM Transmitter

Part List :
Capacitor :
10 Mfd, .01 Mfd, .001Mfd, 2.2pf, 4pf, 5pf, 27pf, 68pf
Coil : 6-7 Turns using 26 SWG Wire
Resistance :
3.3K, 2.7K, 3.9K, 220 Ohms
Mic = Condenser Mic
3V battery with Container, Switch