Friday, 31 October 2014

Insect killer project ckt diagram

This example describes an electronic pest control lights, moths and other insects also use phototaxis , induced by light , high-pressure shock method to kill pests . The device can automatically open in the evening , during the day and can auto- related penalty . Circuit works Nuclear electronic pest control light circuit from the light control switch circuit and double voltage rectifier circuit : 
Electric insect killer lamp circuit 2 

as shown in Figure 4-181 . Light-control switch circuit by the photosensitive resistor RG, capacitor CO, lamp EL, resistor R, two-way trigger diode and thyristor V integral VT . Double voltage rectifier circuit by the capacitors Cl-C5 and rectifier diode VDl-VD5 composition . In the daytime , RG was affected by light exposure to the low resistance state , the CO short-circuit , VT without triggering voltage is off , voltage rectifier circuit does not work. No light exposure at night when , RG resume high-impedance state , AC 220V voltage by the EL and R charge of the CO , CO on when the voltage charge to a certain value , V conduction , so that VT triggered by conduction , voltage rectifier Power work . AC 220V voltage by the double voltage rectification circuit 5 times the rectified voltage to produce about 1450V high-voltage power line added . When a flying insect phototaxis touch to the grid , the pressure will be killed immediately . Components Selection R metal film resistors used lW RG selected series of photosensitive resistor MGL , its light resistance should be less than or equal to 3kO, dark resistance is greater than or equal to 5MO. CO value of selected voltage 160V polyester capacitors ; Cl-C5 are selected voltage value of 600V high-voltage paper capacitors or CBB capacitor . VDl-VD5 1N4007 type silicon rectifier diodes are used . V use DB3 or 2CTS series two-way trigger diode . VT use 3CTS3/600V or TCL336A type (3A, 600V) two-way crystal Oh tube . EL use 3W white cold cathode type tube . Power Network , the outer layers made of metal mesh . Secretary inner metal mesh wire from small ( about 2mm), the smaller figure for killing black-tailed leafhopper, rice thrips , planthoppers, leafhoppers and other White-winged insects ; outer metal mesh wire spacing large (Approximately 1Omm), used for hunting large Sesamia inferens body , stem borer , yellow rice borer , floor, regardless of other pests .