Saturday, 25 October 2014

Using Fuse Tube Light

The circuit illustrated below can RE use your thrown tube light. which usually blinks in normal circuit. A high DC voltage has advantage to glow a a weak florescent tube light. A weak florescent tube gets black at one edge. At black end Positive voltage should be applied and can be marked as anode and other clear end cathode can be marked for Negative voltage or electron will be supplied.

Using Fuse Tube Light

Please see circuit Diagram.For converting AC to DC we have used a Rectifier Circuit. Choke Should be used in series with rectifier circuit for limiting current.Rectified voltage(DC) is applied to both end of the tube.
Fuse Tube Light Circuit Diagram
Circuit Diagram
Part List :
Choke or you can use 100W Bulb
Diode -IN4007 or 159 X 4pcs

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